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At Stor-A-Way, we care about the safety of your belongings. We want to make sure that your items stay intact and free of damage when you store with us. Please take a look at these helpful storage tips to follow when packing and storing in order to keep your things free from harm.

  • Pack all items carefully and plan ahead to avoid future hassle and damage during transport.
  • Use sturdy boxes that are not worn out and will not crush under the weight of other boxes.
  • Fill all boxes to capacity and pack newspaper, towels, or shredded paper to fill in any empty spaces.
  • Don't make your boxes too heavy by overloading.
  • Seal all boxes with packing tape to keep out any dust from collecting while in storage.
  • Pack fragile items in towels or paper and pack tightly to avoid shifting and damage during moving.
  • Wrap all sharp objects in cloth to avoid harm while unpacking.
  • Make sure all items are dry when packing to prevent mold.
  • Wrap mirrors and frames with bubble wrap to keep glass from breaking.
  • Disassemble tables and any other furniture to save space while in your storage unit.
  • Use furniture covers and moving blankets to help protect your furnishings.
  • Do not store any materials that are flammable or combustible, including gasoline, oil or cleaning supplies.
  • Lawnmowers and other equipment that use gasoline should be drained before being put in storage.
  • Bring Plenty of storage supplies to securely pack your belongings.

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